Heading into 2021: Lesley’s Reflections

Happy New Year! For me, the holiday break was a time for rest and reflection. My top three reflections are about vision, investment in myself as THE most reliable way to being able to create value for others, and mindset.

  1. The events of 2020 caught me off guard, but I was able to adjust quickly thanks to having a crystal clear, compelling vision. Vision, for me, is a short statement which articulates in no uncertain terms, my ultimate objective. Mine kept me focussed on what mattered despite the noise and stress. I will continue this focus on my vision as 2021 throws more punches our way.
  2. I had no idea, when I invested in my own development in 2019 and early 2020, to what extent those investments would allow me to create value for my clients during the pandemic. I am a strong advocate of professional development, and it’s exciting to see a return on the investment of time and money both for myself and the organizations I work with.
  3. The pandemic was a stark reminder (again) that curve balls, failures and setbacks are inevitable. Both points 1 (vision) & 2 (investment in myself) would have been worth nothing without the right mindset and a measure of mental toughness. These I have intentionally cultivated over decades, mostly through difficult times. We have more power over our thoughts than we think, and our actions are shaped by our thoughts, be they empowering or disempowering.

There’s a lot behind each of these three points, obviously. As we head into 2021, take the time to reflect upon what has made you rise above the mess that was 2020. And, if you are struggling in any way, please reach out. My offer to help in any way I can still stands.

May the New Year bring us all renewed health, happiness, and prosperity.

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