Advisory & Coaching

As a trusted advisor to Boards, executives, and leaders, I help them drive great results by providing fresh perspectives on issues. My broad and deep leadership experience in many industries and in very difficult situations are at leveraged as we discuss innovative solutions to age-old and emerging issues.

If you want your teams to grow together as your organizations reaches for new heights, consider my facilitated or self-directed co-development programs. This approach has been proven to accelerate professional development and improve team cohesion. Members productively tackle problems together, thus delivering better results together. As a Certified Partner with CoachingOurselves, I offer tailored programs with proprietary content AND access to peer coaching modules developed by world-leading management, leadership and strategy gurus such as Henry Mintzberg, Edgar Schein, and Marshall Goldsmith. Explore the co-development opportunities here.

Strategy & Business Development

From idea generation to execution planning, I can help you develop and drive your organization’s strategy. Using an innovative and inclusive approach which has been proven time and time again to be extremely effective and efficient, I make sure your organization’s full potential is leveraged. Engage external stakeholders in developing a win-win-win ecosystem strategy. Draw the greatest ideas from your front line employees to develop an actionable strategy that has a high probability of being well executed. Do this, and more. The strategy workshops I design and facilitate are tailored to your organization’s culture so that you’re not getting a textbook plan; you’ll come away with a plan specific to your company, its stakeholders, and meaningful to your employees.

Business development is successful when it is tackled from many angles: by creating and solidifying relationships, establishing alliances, creating partnerships, creating new markets, developing a competitive edge, and ultimately winning new business. If you are wondering about the best way to enter a new market or looking for ways to strengthen your current position, let’s discuss what approach would work best.

Program Management

Launching a new program, project, or product? Want to maximize the potential of an existing one? There is no one size fits all. We can help you establish a system that works for you. With proven expertise developing, launching, and managing initiatives of all types, we can help you establish a program management methodology that works for you.

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