Advisory, Coaching, & Co-dev

As a trusted advisor to Boards, executives, and leaders, I drive great results by providing fresh perspectives on issues. My broad and deep leadership experience in many industries and in very difficult situations are at leveraged to develop innovative solutions to both age-old and emerging issues. I also work with teams, enabling them to identify and implement solutions to their common issues, no matter how thorny.

Strategy & Business Development

From idea generation to execution planning, I can help you develop and drive your organization’s strategy. Using an innovative and inclusive approach which has been proven time and time again to be extremely effective and efficient, I make sure your organization’s full potential is leveraged.

Program Management

Launching a new program, project, or product? Want to maximize the potential of an existing one? There is no one size fits all. I can establish a system that works for you. With proven expertise in developing, launching, and managing programs of all types, I know that there is no one size that fits all. A program management methodology that works for you will drive the results that you need.

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