Strategy & Business Development

From idea generation to execution planning, I can help you develop and drive your organization’s strategy. Using an innovative and inclusive approach which has been proven time and time again to be extremely effective and efficient, I make sure your organization’s full potential is leveraged. Engage external stakeholders in developing a win-win-win ecosystem strategy. Draw the greatest ideas from your front line employees to develop an actionable strategy that has a high probability of being well executed. Do this, and more. The strategy workshops I design and facilitate are tailored to your organization’s culture so that you’re not getting a textbook plan; you’ll come away with a plan specific to your company, its stakeholders, and meaningful to your employees.

Business development is successful when it is tackled from many angles: by creating and solidifying relationships, establishing alliances, creating partnerships, creating new markets, developing a competitive edge, and ultimately winning new business. If you are wondering about the best way to enter a new market or looking for ways to strengthen your current position, let’s discuss what approach would work best.

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