Building Better Boards

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Through my work with Boards over the past several months, many of the same themes have emerged: lack of clarity around the Board’s role, friction between leadership and the Board, disconnects between vision and strategy (even among Board members), questions around accountability and governance…

When Board members are on the same page and in harmony with the operational leadership team, anything is possible.

The converse brings wasted time, energy and opportunity.

To help Boards help their organizations achieve more – even during the pandemic – I’ve pulled together the best of my mandates into a series of 2-hour, virtual, hands-on workshops for Boards of nonprofits and small or mid-sized companies. Participants will emerge with a clear vision and mission for their specific Board, along with tools to help them set strategic direction, communicate with key stakeholders, and govern effectively.

These sessions are intended for members of the same Board. Click the link to find out more, or drop me a line at

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