About Lesley

Lesley Antoun is a partner to leaders at all levels, working with their organizations to get a deep understanding of clients’ true mission, vision, and values. The result of Lesley’s collaborations are strategic plans, business development efforts, and program management tools that resonate with team members and stakeholders.

Lesley has worked with a variety of organisations, from large multi-billion dollar large corporations, to small teams within those large organizations, to non-profits and economic development agencies. These teams had one thing in common: a desire to achieve something more. Lesley takes the time to obtain different perspectives on the stated objectives, to find common ground on concerns, and to strengthen teams in the process of achieving her stated mandate. See some case studies here

Over her 20+ year career, Lesley has developed a proven expertise in strategic planning, business development, and program management. Details of her achievements can be found here

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