NEW! Co-Development Opportunities

“Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading…”

Henry Mintzberg

Co-development, also known as peer coaching, is a powerful approach to professional development that yields meaningful and sustainable results.


Better Boards

Understanding and applying the role of the Board can be tricky, especially for small companies and nonprofits. This six-session, hands-on program for members of the same Board raises the bar on strategic thinking, governance and stakeholder engagement in this ever-changing landscape. Details

Management Fundamentals

Certain skills will set you apart as an aspiring or newly appointed manager. Spend six sessions with like-minded people discussing topics such as the five minds of a manager, accountability and candid conversations. This program is available to teams as well as individuals who want to combine learning from expert advice and from the experiences of others.

Strategy for Small Business

Entrepreneurs who want to rapidly scale their business must have strong strategic acumen. They must think, lead, and communicate in terms of ecosystems and communities, NOT in terms of products and markets. Five fast-paced workshops combine rapid learning and application of key concepts to help a team of entrepreneurs level up quickly. Details

The Professional’s ToolBox

As a professional, you have knowledge and power which may be untapped or unrecognized. Discover how to be more effective, efficient and influential in your role. This six-session program is available to teams as well as individuals who want to combine learning from expert advice and from the experiences of others. Level up here.

Learn from the best. A combination of proprietary content and licensed CoachingOurselves(R) modules developed by world-renown experts such as Henry Mintzberg, Edgar Schein, and Marshall Goldsmith, are the foundation for these highly interactive, action-oriented programs.


Lesley is an excellent professional leadership coach. She has been a great support to clearly understand the transition from an individual contributor position to a leadership role. Lesley uses a personalized approach, accurately tailoring the session content to your goals and always providing you with actionable insight and incentive for further self-reflection and self-coaching.

Ola Modrzejewska
COO, Salvius Legal B.V.

Lesley helped us gain a deeper understanding of organizational issues and created a sense of unity between various stakeholders. She brought a fresh perspective using creative methods, and was able to help us guide us through discussions…

Veronica Amberg
Associate Director, SEDE McGill

There is no better ROI than an investment in your growth and in that of your team.

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