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Sample mandates

Business Development: Lesley was retained by one large multinational corporation to support a strategic bid while at the same time facilitating work with its joint venture partner on this proposal. A high level of trust was achieved, and Lesley was mandated as the representative at meetings with the potential client. Lesley acted as a partner to her Client until the final submittal of the proposal and through the question period. Her Client did win the strategic bid, and now has an important foothold in a new market.

Strategic Planning: The Director of a small department within a large Corporation felt that his team could achieve more if they had a common vision and direction. He thus mandated Lesley to develop a strategic plan for his team. Through a combination of individual interviews with each team member and a workshop, the team developed a mission, vision, and core values that were aligned with the Corporation’s. Lesley then developed a strategic action plan, complete with timelines, action owners, and governance model to drive the team to achieve its mission.

Program Management: The CEO of an economic development agency reached out to Lesley for help “operationalizing” a newly instituted Mandate. Lesley worked with the leadership team to communicate the new Mandate across the organisation. She also held a series of workshops to identify initiatives and resource requirements for its deployment. The organisation is now aligning its efforts across the board to the new Mandate.

Coaching: Lesley has also professionally coached newly appointed leaders to help ensure their successful transition into roles of greater influence and responsibility.

If you’re looking for a partner to help you improve, grow, or strengthen your business, Lesley Antoun can help. 

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