Ecosystem Strategy Series

I facilitated an ecosystem strategy virtual workshop to an international audience in April 2021. On this page, you will find extracts of that workshop in short video increments.

Part 1: Why develop an ecosystem strategy?

What is an ecosystem strategy, exactly? How does an ecosystem strategy development process differ from the typical strategic planning processes that organizations embark upon?

Part 2: How do you identify your ecosystem partners? The answer: It depends.

What’s your ultimate objective? A strategy related to a product requires different ecosystem partners than a strategy for an organization or group of organizations. This 2-minute video gives some insight into how to identify who might be invited to participate in an ecosystem strategy development process.

Part 3: My 4D Strategy Development Process

Take a sneak peek at the process I developed and use with organizations who want to develop crystal clear strategies with their ecosystem partners. I’ve also used this process for developing strategic plans with organizations that want to engage their teams in the process.

Written by Lesley Antoun

Lesley Antoun creates crystal clear strategies with leaders, with their teams and with their organizations. Her consulting firm has offered advisory services and strategic planning expertise to small privately-held companies, large publicly traded corporations, Crown corporations, Universities and First Nations organizations.

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