Lesley’s favourite quotes from the 2019 Global Peter Drucker Forum

“Magic happens when egos leave the room.” Ed Catmull, Co-Founder Pixar Animation Studios.

“Great leaders harness the power of entire organisations…the best way to bridge the gap between ideas and results is to work through people.” Ricardo Vargas, Executive Director, Brightline Initiative.

“Metaphors allow us to take cognitive shortcuts. But, as a result, we end up talking about things in abstraction, we don’t get to the granularity…We need to address deep certainty with deep questions.” Amy Webb, Founder, Future Today Institute, and Professor, Stern School.

 “Look for the things that are hiding in plain sight.” Rick Goings, Chairman Emeritus, Tupperware Brands Corporation.

“You can’t stretch your strategy until you stretch your mind.” Martin Reeves, Chairman, BCG Henderson Institute.

“Without purpose, transformation is not possible.” Global Strategy Services Leader, EY Advisory.

 “Innovation starts with people. Technology is the enabler.” Patricia Neumann, General Manager, IBM

“Start-ups are not where the jobs are. Scale-ups are where the jobs are.” Young K. Sohn, Corporate President & Chief Strategy Officer, Samsung Electronics.

“Companies that work with a public purpose, not a profit purpose, are the ones that will be successful.” Christian Sarkar, Founder, Ecosystematic.

“The biggest challenge to innovation is isolation.” Hal Gregensen, Executive Director, MIT Leadership Center.

“Generosity is essential in ecosystems.” Laurent Choain, Chief People, Education & Culture Officer, Mazars

“Leadership in ecosystems…requires us to be masters of teaming.” Amy Edmondson, Professor, Harvard Business School.

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