Strategy & Ecosystems, Part 4: Defining your ecosystem

Fundamentally, ecosystems are relationships that deliver greater value than the sum of their parts. The complexities of ecosystems, their power, their weaknesses and their potential to deliver great value to society as a whole are the topics of this conference.

Alexander Osterwalder, inventor of the business model canvas and founder of Strategyzer, gave the opening address at the Global Peter Drucker Conference in Vienna on November 20th, 2019. He called on all 1100 participants to think about their role not only in business or in academia, but also in society throughout the two-day conference.

True to form, Mr. Osterwalder’s opening address was funny, insightful, and engaging. So was the panel he chaired. The picture along with this blog post shows the result of his drawing, in real time, all of the players in any ecosystem, whether we perceive them or not. Take a minute to zoom in on the picture. You’d then be able to draw out an incredibly comprehensive ecosystem for one of your strategic initiatives.

The ecosystem map in this link may be helpful in defining your ecosystem.


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