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Understanding and applying the role of a Board of Directors can be tricky, especially when circumstances are complex. This six-session program is applicable to startups, small and mid-sized companies and nonprofit Boards. It tackles the most common questions raised by Boards as they manoeuver through an ever-changing landscape.

Sessions are hands-on, highly interactive and fast-paced workshops. Participants will emerge with elements of a clear strategy and actionable recommendations specific to their organizations.

Session 1: Board Types, Roles, and Responsibilities

Did you know that there are different types of Boards, and that their mandates differ? And that there are foundational and specific responsibilities based on the type of Board? In this session, you will learn how to distinguish between them and the roles they play. You’ll also identify which type your Board is and whether any change is needed.

Session 2: Vision and Mission

Many Boards have a de facto vision and mission which mirrors that of their organization. In reality, the Board must have a vision and mission which concurrently grounds and propels the organization. Leveraging what exists for the organization, and the outcomes of the first session, this two-hour will define a clear, concise and aspirational vision for the Board, and an compelling mission. (Yes, it IS possible to achieve this in 2 hours!).

Session 3: Crafting Strategy

Strategy development is a key responsibility of any Board of Directors. Leveraging CoachingOurselves module developed by the world-renown Professor Henry Mintzberg and the Consultant’s own experience developing strategy for and with many organizations, the session will help Boards think about and develop strategy for their organizations.

Session 4: Governance and Meetings that Matter

This combined session stems from the most oft-recurring questions in my consulting practice. Learn what makes Board meetings efficient and effective, and how to establish governance that supports your organization.

Session 5: Accountability

As we go through the first 5 sessions, Board members will have an opportunity to define the topic of this last session to wrap our program. This may be based on a current topic of interest or an area of concern for the Board.

Session 6: Understanding Stakeholders

There are many different individuals and organizations that influence a Board’s ability to effectively and efficiently carry out its mandate. Using a combination of proprietary content and of a licensed CoachingOurselves module, this session will clarify how various stakeholders impact your organization and how to maximize their positive impact.

This series of workshops is suitable for up to eight participants serving on the same Board of Directors.

Fee: $9600

Contact me for further details and to schedule your Board’s development program!

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